Celebrating 100 years as a Family run Company

Celebrating 100 years as a Family run Company

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Special Offer . . . 


 1.8m & 3.6m

120mm x 25mm  

starting from £2.75 each inc VAT

Only while stock lasts

If you require any assistance in working out the decking you require, we will be happy to assist please fill in the form below and somebody will be in touch.

Decking Boards          

120mm x 25mm             3.6m

120mm x 25mm             1.8m            

Decking Framework 

Treated CLS

89mm x 38mm               3.0m          

​                                          4.3m               

140mm x 38mm             3.0m     



100mm x 47mm             3.6m            


150mm x 47mm             3.6m           

175mm x 75mm             4.8m      


155mm x 35mm             5.1m      

​Decking Screws

4.5mm x 50mm          200 per Box 

4.5mm x 60mm          200 per Box

​4.5mm x 75mm          200 per Box