CLS Timber (Scant)


75mm x 47mm               2.4m           


90mm x 40mm               2.4m          



63mm x 38mm              4.2m           


89mm x 38mm              3.0m        


140mm x 38mm            3.0m           

​                                         4.2m           


Log Sleepers

120mm x 100mm          1.8m          


Pine Sleepers (Green)

200mm x 100mm          2.4m         

250mm x 125mm          2.4m             

Pine Sleepers (Brown)
200mm x 100mm          2.4m          
​250mm x 125mm          2.4m        

S/H Scaffolding Planks                

Mixture of Lengths available 

Depth varies between 25mm & 38mm

Width varies between 210mm & 230mm

Product must be seen & picked by customer

All products are subject to availability and sizes are nominal.

Please call 01782 219455 where a member of the team will happily assist. Or email us at

External Timber

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Please call us on 01782 219455 for all stock information 

Treated Timber

19mm x 38mm               3.6m        


47mm x 22mm               4.5m    

70mm x 45mm               3.6m            

75mm x 22mm               3.6m               

75mm x 47mm               3.6m     

90mm x 65mm               1.8m      

94mm x 22mm               3.6m            

100mm x 47mm             3.6m              


100mm x 75mm             3.6m               

125mm x 100mm           3.0m              

150mm x 19mm             2.4m         

150mm x 47mm             3.6m             

175mm x 75mm             4.8m        

225mm x 75mm             4.8m         

Treated Posts 

50mm x 47mm               3.0m     

50mm x 50mm               3.6m             

75mm x 75mm               2.4m            



100mm x 100mm          2.4m           

Pointed Posts

150mm x 150mm          2.4m      

Ungraded Planks 

225mm x 36mm           2.4m