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Wooden Surround

Ref: 1259

W:1350mm H:1355mm D:130mm 

Cast Iron Insert with Arch Detail

Ref: 1258

W:965mm H:960mm D:100mm 

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Cast Iron Insert with Brass Detail

Ref: 1263

W:965mm H:935mm D:60mm 

White Surround with Detail

Ref: 1277

W:1320mm H:1135mm D:180mm 

Wooden  style Surround and Insert

Ref: 1273

W:1290mm H:1075mm D:175mm 

Fire Inserts & Surrounds

White Surround and Hearth

Ref: 1276

W:950mm H:935mm D:85mm

Depth Base: 350mm

Cast Iron Insert without Tiles

Ref: 1281

W:940mm H:945mm D:350mm 

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Cast Iron Insert with Tiles

Ref: 1256

W:950mm H:960mm D:130mm 

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Cast Iron Insert with Gas Fittings

Ref: 1278

W:990mm H:990mm D:310mm 

Cast Iron Fire Place without Tiles

Ref: 1260

W:1090mm H:1063mm D:105mm 

Wooden Surround with Tiled Insert

Ref: 1264

W:1475mm H:1300mm

White Surround

Ref: 1262

W:1310mm H:1095mm D:180mm